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Camp sponsored by Corey Bachand and Paul Devlin
7/12, 7/13, AND 7/14 2024
9AM - 11AM


For Boys and Girls


7/12, 7/13, AND 7/14 2024
9AM - 11AM


Lincoln Park Middle School
3215 W 3rd St, Duluth, MN 55806


$50 per footballer

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About Our TPES Duluth Instructors:

Paul Devlin
Corey Bachand

About Corey Bachand:

g Football Players of The Future

Over a 40-year coaching career, I take great pride in my achievements, which include developing young people not just to play the game I love but to become better equipped for life. 

I was lucky enough to start my coaching pathway working with my Mother and Father in the early years running Superior Soccer Association and the YMCA and helping to grow a community program from nothing to over 800 young people playing soccer. 

I started coaching my younger brother when he was 10 through 19 while I was helping with West Duluth Dragons.  During my early coaching career, I was supported in my development by Dave Dewitt. This helped me better understand the different coaching styles needed to work with players and develop a coaching philosophy - which I still use today.  This also helped me during my time coaching at Superior High School.

To help with my personal development and understanding of the game, I began watching matches to help expand my knowledge base.  During this time, I attended several one-day coaching events run by the USA soccer program.  My love for the game continued to grow as I began to get more involved in coaching at different levels. 

My next step was to become coach of the University of Wisconsin ladies’ team - helping to gain a full knowledge of the need to recruit players and to develop coaching programs that improve not just teams but individuals.  My success in the role over the seven years in the program helped the university to become better at recruiting the best players in the area, helping them reach the required standard to play at the university level.

After leaving the university program, I was very fortunate to be able to share my coaching knowledge with my children as they began playing for East Select Soccer.  I also began to help with the coaching of the girls’ high school program, where my commitment and passion for the role were noted by the Sporting Director. 

This led to me being offered the opportunity to become Head Coach of the boys’ soccer program at East High School in 2018.  I have helped with the development of not just players but also the younger coaches working with me.  During my time at the high school, the team reached the state finals, only losing in overtime to Stillwater. 
My passion for soccer was formed during my playing days locally, always wanting to play at the highest level possible.  The standards have improved recently with more people getting involved in the game.  During my time as a coach, I have run a hugely successful business with my brother - which makes finding the time for coaching more difficult.  My time on the field is a great release from the business, working with the players and young coaches as they strive to reach their full potential. 

I have continued to develop myself as a coach while providing players with better opportunities to improve, using the summer camp program to support my high school boys’ squads, and being able to share my knowledge with young players and coaches, helping to raise the standard of soccer in the Duluth and Superior areas.  It fills me with pride knowing that I have helped in the development of soccer throughout the region.

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