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Head Instructor

I have developed my knowledge of Football/Soccer over the last 40 years as a player in the Football League in the UK, I also hold one of the highest qualifications for coaches in the World, the UEFA License. The UEFA License is a World recognized Qualification allowing me to coach anywhere football is played.

I have worked in Professional football as a youth coach and Academy manager, helping to develop male and female players from the age of 8 through to 18. Producing coaching plans that have helped young players reach their full potential. I have helped develop one of the most successful youth programs in the English game, producing 12 players for the club's first team. We also helped the club generate over 30 million pounds selling players to premier leagues.
I have worked for the Football Association as a regional manager and coach educator during my time in the FA running coaches courses from level 1 to level 3. I have helped to qualify over 1000 coaches in the UK and around the world, helping to influence the coaches of the future.
I am currently one of the Community coaches for the Football Association at the national football center St. Georges Park. This is one of the leading facilities in the Country where the England national teams train during the season. The role is to work with players and coaches from all over the World, Run sessions for the players while providing training to the coaches, helping them better understand the best way to improve their players.
I have spent the last 20 years working on the best way to coach players both in teams and individually, Helping coaches to understand the best to improve the players they work with on a weekly basis. Planning fun-based sessions that make players want to come to training, this also means they will improve at every session.
I have worked in 15 different Countries around the world, helping to expand my knowledge of how the game is played and coached; I believe we never stop learning, so watching other coaches work has always been an essential part of my self-development. I have been able to develop my individual coaching style, which has always proved to be a great way to improve players and coaches.
Developing a player-focused training program to make it easier for players to reach their full potential is something I have been doing over the last 15 years. I enjoy every minute on the field, feeling very lucky to spend my time coaching the greatest game in the world.

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